Descended From Royalty

Son of a King

The name Rajput means “son of a king.” Traditionally, Rajputs were the royalty, leaders, and warriors who guided and protected each independent Rajput kingdom.

A Rajput building on a hill overlooking the town below


Land of the Rajputs

From around the middle ages onward, Rajput kingdoms became common in present-day Pakistan and western and central India. This “land of the Rajputs,” or Rajputana, housed diverse Rajput kingdoms, each with its own lineage. Rajputs fought against foreign invaders and at times joined together with other Rajput kingdoms to defeat them. Rajput kingdoms also fought against each other for more power and land. The words warrior and defender not only aptly describe historical Rajputs, but also exemplify their spirit still today.

Rajputs today

Still prominent

Rajputs are exceptionally proud of their lineage and name. As Kshatriyas, they are the second highest caste among Hindus. Rajputs also follow an honor code that has been passed down from generation to generation. Since India and Pakistan became independent nations in 1947, Rajputs are not the political rulers of kingdoms anymore.

But Rajputs still have a prominent influence on their communities. Many Rajputs hold highly influential jobs, including various roles within politics—from the villages to the central government. Many Rajputs are also in the military and the police force as well. As respected members of society, they continue their legacy of guidance and protection through their leadership, courage, and loyalty.  Their influence as a people group affects so many other people. As the gospel transforms Rajputs, their position as influencers can be a catalyst for gospel spread and Kingdom growth among many other people groups within India and beyond.

A Rajput man twirling his mustache

The current state

Rajputs are one of the most populous unreached people groups in the world.

Joshua Project names Rajputs as one of The Thirty-One Largest Frontier People Groups (FPGs). An FPG is an unreached people group that has no followers of Jesus, no known movements to Jesus, and is still in need of people to take the gospel to them. Less than 0.1% of Rajputs are followers of Christ.


Total population of Rajputs around the world, with the large majority in India.


The number of Rajputs who are Christian, according to most recent India census data.

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